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12 Rules for Life

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Atomic Habits

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Crossing the Chasm

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Eat That Frog

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Psychology Of Persuasion

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Wiz Benefits

Time Efficiency

Quickly access concise book summaries instead of reading entire books.

Expanded Knowledge

Explore a wide range of topics and authors in less time, get the gist.

Enhanced Productivity

While gaining knowledge, get more time available for work, hobbies, or family.

Informed Selection

Make informed decisions about which books to read in full based on the summary.

Retention & Revision

Easy revision and idea retention compared to going through long books


Explore a variety of genres & authors without the pressure of reading entire books.

Why Wiz?

You know those moments when you wish you had more time to read and absorb knowledge from books, but life’s demands limit your hours? Imagine having a library that condenses the essence of books, preserving every critical point, and delivering it in concise summaries. That’s Wiz Library.

Think of Wiz as your ‘Book-Eating Monster Slayer.’ We take those intimidating 250 to 400-page beasts and turn them into cute, bite-sized 30 to 70-page summaries.

Just as backup power systems ensure continuous operations for businesses, Wiz Library ensures your continuous growth. Save your time and effort, explore the wisdom of countless authors, without the need for marathon reading sessions.

Picture this: the ability to devour more books in your lifetime, resulting in expanded knowledge and enhanced capabilities. Wiz enables shortcut to wisdom, and this translates into more happiness and potentially even more money.